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The coordination and support work in EBSIS will be divided in three major work packages that correspond to three primary action categories integrated by the project:

WP1: Primary training actions

This work package is focused on the transfer of knowledge to Masters and PhD students in the initiating institution in the form of lectures. The students will expand their area of interest in ICT through an initiation in primary topics related to the targeted research field of event based systems. They will be encouraged to elaborate dissertations related to problems that appear in such systems, and therefore to proceed with engage in research on such topics. The activities in this work package include teaching undertaken by members of the leading research partner institutions at the site of the initiating institution, and co-advising of master theses.

WP2: Advanced specialization actions

This work package is focused on the transfer of knowledge to established researchers in the initiating institution. The target audience includes personnel of the initiating institution actively involved in research activity (PhD students, postdoctoral students, established researchers) who will expand their area of expertise with knowledge on advanced topics of event based systems. This will allow members of the initiating institution research groups to get aware of latest research advances and to tackle challenging problems on event based systems security, dependability and scalability. The activities in this work package include scientific seminars organized in the initiating institutions, visits of established researchers in the initiating institution to the partner institutions with the purpose of training and advanced specialization, and attending top tier conferences related to the targeted field of research.

WP3: Outreach activities

This work package is focused on outreach actions that will spread the knowledge on the targeted research field also outside of the research groups directly involved in the project. Such actions will attract also members of the consortium institutions which are part of other departments than computer science, and as well members of the local industry, towards potential collaboration on future research activities. The activities in this work package include organization of various public events like summer schools, sessions of industry presentations that relate with the targeted research field and a conference on the topic.

Additional work packages

In addition to the three primary work packages described above, two additional support work packages are planned.

  • WP4: Impact maximization will support the dissemination of the actions included in the other work packages. It will also include exploitation activities that will leverage the outcome of the actions in the other work packages in order to maximize the post-finalization impact of the project.
  • WP5: Project management will support the administrative and management tasks during the course of the project.