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Concept and Objectives


The project concept consists in a collaborative partnership between the institutions involved. This partnership will manifest through actions meant to enhance the research and innovation capacity of the institutions. The knowledge inflow will be directed mainly towards UAIC, the Romanian partner. Besides this, through projected actions like staff exchange and scientific seminars, the scientific and technological (S&T) capacity of the leading research partners can also be enhanced. A knowledge inflow diagram between the three partners is given below:

Each partner possesses complementary expertise in event based systems security, dependability and scalability. In particular, the academic staff involved on the side of the initiating partner (UAIC), possesses background knowledge on the connected topic of information security. With the help of the knowledge inflow received from partners, the targeted research field of event based systems will develop in the initiating institution to a level that will permit to obtain valuable research results in each of its subdomains.


To particularly quantify the objectives, we expect the following outcome from EBSIS in respect to the scientific activity of the initiating academic institution:

  • O1. A necessary influx of knowledge on the targeted field of research will be obtained in the initiating institution from the direct partners. This will offer the premises for co-authoring scientific papers, and will create the possibility of future collaboration on research projects.
  • O2. Networking with external academic institutions will be increased and collaboration with businesses will be established related to the targeted field of research. This will facilitate new collaboration agreements with partners outside the consortium.
  • O3. The curriculum of the initiating academic institution will benefit from the knowledge transfer. Courses contents will be expanded to cover elements in the targeted field of research. This will provide the opportunity of consolidating the local research activity on the topic by attracting senior students in the research groups.

A distinct objective concerns all partners involved:

  • O4. EBSIS is not limited only to raising the research profile of the initiating partner (although focused on this), but also on enhancing the S&T capacity of all the institutions involved. Part of the projected collaborative actions (like staff exchange or scientific seminars), will directly contribute to this objective, through knowledge transfer between partners. Synergies will be created between different research groups, providing ground for research that will tackle challenging problems at the intersection of the three niches addressed: security, dependability and scalability.