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Block Lectures on Multicore Programming

Martin Nowack (TU Dresden)

  • Wednesday, 21 May 2018, 16:00, C112 (Faculty of Computer Science, C Building, UAIC)—map

Contents Summary

Part 1: Introduction to Multicore Programming Using Lock-Free Data Structures ​

We will introduce multicore programming and start with the sequential implementation of a simple data structure. We will transform that to a concurrent but simple lock-based implementations and finally to a lock-free implementation. The major goal is to get a first understanding of those three different approaches and how to continue from there.

Part 2: Performance Profiling and Evaluation of Single- and Multicore Applications

For a successful utilisation of multiple cores within an application, we need to understand its performance behaviour in order to improve it. In this lecture, we will introduce and provide hands-on experiments for testing and profiling performance in order to direct our optimisation work. We will use “go” as an example language. Not only will we focus on single cores but also on multicore implementations.

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